Meliorist Technology is engaged in a number of products that leverage big data, both for business intelligence and consumer products based on big data.

afwest_logo_141x57  Angel Flight West & Other regional volunteer pilot organizations

Angel Flight West is a non-profit organization which provides no-cost air transportation for needy people to get to medical treatment.

  • Help them understand the key metrics of their operation, in particular what defines their outcomes rather than their activities
  • Build reporting tools, including a dashboard, for their staff and key volunteers

logo  Strawz

Strawz is a data company in the K-12 education space. Their mission is to organize the rich variety of curriculum based lesson material available on the internet today, and make it usable for teachers and students. This is a consumer application based on the massive database of lesson content. Meliorist Technology has helped Strawz use standardized and proprietary metadata to organize content in a way that makes it relevant for the consumer.