Meliorist Technology helps businesses leverage data.

Are you trying to better understand your business through analytics? Build a dashboard for your company?

Building web or mobile applications to help consumers navigate data?

Meliorist Technology is currently working across platforms with clients in media, K-12 education, non-profit and health care, for example:

  • Mobile, tablet and TV applications for CNN to help their users navigate its rich, rapidly developing repository of news data
  • Metadata collection and analysis tools for Strawz, a service for producers and consumers of K-12 curriculum based educational content
  • Customized business intelligence dashboard for Angel Flight West, a non-profit organization, to help them quantify, track outcomes, and drive their community service efforts.
  • Product development consulting for WiserCare, an advanced, data-based decision support system to help consumers make informed choices about their health care options.

Data drives better decisions, across all industries, inside the business and for consumers in their daily lives. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality, functional applications to consumers and businesses. We believe that data is beautiful, and when synthesized and presented properly, can be a vital tool. We have helped many companies better understand their business through metrics, and effectively apply business intelligence to drive to their goals.